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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee May Not Be A Help!!!

Exams next week? Or go a presentation to be made at the office tomorrow? Got to stay awake the whole night? Well…coffee will help you of course, wont it?
You might take coffee to stay awake or stay refreshed for a long time….especially when you need to do extra labor. But the coffee that you are taking, on the one hand might help you stay alert but on the hand, it might be damaging your mind. At least few concrete research results suggest that!
Coffee contains a chemical compound called ‘caffeine’ which is what keeps you alert and refreshed. But researches show that caffeine is a potent chemical with psychoactive effects.(Read More)
Caffeine can affect your sleep by keeping you awake for longer period of time and giving you less time to take rest. As a result your body cannot go through the restorative stages of sleep, hence causing weakness.

Caffeine increases the production of stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline and hence interferes with the production of calming hormone called adenosine. Increased level of cortisol hormone for longer period of time causes adrenal burnout and deteriorates the immune system of our body. Adrenaline hormone, which is supposed to be activated when we are extremely excited, on excess production causes depression and other mental disorders. Increased level of stress in human body leads to dozens of problems to physical and mental health.
While caffeine has so many adverse effects on human health, it is proved to be very useful if you are thinking of losing weight. A research showed that intake of caffeine increase the rate of metabolism and increases the process of fat breakdown in the body by 30% when consumed before exercise. It also raises the level of blood sugar leaving you less hungry.
There is an old saying ‘too much of anything is a poison’. The same applies to the case above as well. If you need to stay awake then a cup of coffee or two will be a great help. It makes you alert and active. But at other times, do not take increased levels of caffeine in your food. Doctors suggest not to take caffeine (as coffee or in anything) after 2 PM. That disturbs your sleep.


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