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Monday, January 31, 2011

Acronyms:An Effort Of Two Minutes

Try and remember the following two lines:
Hi! He lies because boron cannot oxide fluoride.
New nation might also sigh peace security clause against king Caliber.
If you have mastered the above two lines then I tell you, you know the names of first twenty elements of the modern periodic table. How?
It is because…
Hi!      He        Lies        Because              Boron      Can      Not     Oxide      Fluoride
  H      He        Li          Be                        Bo            C           N        O              F

New   Nation      Might     Also     Sign     Peace        Security      Clause        
Ne      Na              Mg         Al         Si              P            S               Cl               

Against      King      Caliber

Ar              K          Ca

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daniel Tammet:For Whom Numbers Are Fun:

The person that I am talking about in this article is the genius who claims to be able to do huge mathematical calculations in his head. How much is 43 raised to the power of 6? It’s just the matter of time before we press the buttons of our calculator to get the answer. But it takes less than a minute for this man to get the answer and that to without using a calculating device. He calculated the result of 13 divided by 97 up to ten decimal places without using a calculator and claims that he can do this to 100 decimal places. The world calls him Daniel Tammet.(Read More)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee May Not Be A Help!!!

Exams next week? Or go a presentation to be made at the office tomorrow? Got to stay awake the whole night? Well…coffee will help you of course, wont it?
You might take coffee to stay awake or stay refreshed for a long time….especially when you need to do extra labor. But the coffee that you are taking, on the one hand might help you stay alert but on the hand, it might be damaging your mind. At least few concrete research results suggest that!
Coffee contains a chemical compound called ‘caffeine’ which is what keeps you alert and refreshed. But researches show that caffeine is a potent chemical with psychoactive effects.(Read More)