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Monday, January 2, 2012

Problem in Uploading Windows Phone App, Why?

Why does not your app get uploaded even if you have filled everything correctly?
There is no mistake that you can find and yet your windows phone app does not get uploaded to the marketplace. This is really frustrating at times. Especially when you code all night to complete your app and the next big thing is your app does not get uploaded. gives a form to fill when you are about to upload the app in your market place. I too have uploaded my app and I was at the situation when your app simply does not get uploaded. The bottom line answer to this is because of your internet connection problem. The website simply needs a very smooth internet connection for your submission. Here are few ways to check if your internet connection is smooth are:
  •           The Price dialog box default to the value 0.00. If that is not the case, your page is not complete, hence refresh the page before you proceed.
  •           Most of us simply go ahead and click “select all” in the Price section and wonder if that was what made the mistake. You simply do not need to do anything on the Price page if you are putting you app for free!
  •           The next reason why your app does not get uploaded is because it has faults in the Describe page. One of the faults is given below. Note a small comma can put you into days of frustration.
  •           On the Submit page too, the Publish option should have a default option as None. If it is not there, the internet is not smooth and there is a chance that your app does not get uploaded.
  •           Make sure you application file is completely uploaded. Sometimes incomplete file upload too can cause problems.
  •           The last but not the least, do not hesitate to delete your submission. If your problem persists for longer time and you find no other solution, feel free to delete you submission and submit again. Oh and yes, make sure you fill down all the necessary fields. 

Comma can create a huge problem
The price section to default to 0.00
Feel free to delete your submission


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