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Monday, September 13, 2010

Long Term Memory

Long Tem Memory simply refers to the relatively permanent storage of information so that it can be used again and again at later time. Details in the long term memory can last from days to decades.

Long term memory is distinct from short term in two ways, duration and capacity. Biologically, short term memory is a temporary potentaion of neural connections that can become long term memory through the process of rehearsal and meaningful association.

Memory researchers have even shown that over learning, in which we keep rehearsing material that we already know pretty well, leads to improved memory, especially over longer periods of time. But it is important for us to know that simply repeating something for so many times do not mean that we develop long-lasting memory for the event of the object. After all, sometimes we have extremely poor memory for objects that are highly familiar. So we need to identify the definite pattern of rehearsal that transforms our memory from short term memory to the long term memory.

(Researches shoe that the long term memory is dependent upon the construction of the neuroproteins unlike the short term memory. This occurs within the cellular body, and concerns particularly transmitters and receptors.)


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