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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Associating II

How many of us know about Bill Gates? Almost every one of us, for sure. But did you know that Bill Gates used to amaze his friends by remembering hundreds of codes from the original programming language he developed.

At times, there has been news of such living wonders.

Whether it is of a restaurateur who continues to draw huge crowds every eve because he could remember the  names of each of his customer of it is of a salesperson who made the highest earning in the company just because she could remember her client’s personal information. I bet none of them had supernatural powers!

They studied their mind and mastered the way to memorize things and this appeared supernatural to us!

How can we remember so many names and other details of so many people?

Think of two people say Abraham Cole and Ibrahim Kohl. The two names seem quite similar. But think of this, the former is usually a Christian name and the latter is usually a Muslim name. You may find it pretty hard to remember the names if you are entangled between the similarities between them, but if you can find some more differences like I did, the names will be as different as Robert and Lucy.

Always try to relate together the things that we need to remember if they are different from one another and note the differences if they appear similar to each other.

Like in the above case, to note down the differences, you may see other details. One of them may be fair and the other may be dark in complexion. One might have a long nose or dark hair or blue eyes and the other might not. Also if you want to remember the name of the person you have just met, try to use his/her name as many times as possible while you are at a conversation with the person but in the mean time you need to make sure that the person is not irritated and does not know what you are trying to do! A piece of information is given below:
                A:  Hi, I am Ibrahim Kohl.
    B: Ibrahim Kohl you say! Hi I am Steven Parker. Nice to meet you Ibrahim!
                A: Nice to meet you too!

                B: So, Mr. Ibrahim Kohl, where did you say you work?

                A: Oh! I work at the press, the fourth street down the road, near the park.

   B:And, where did you say you are from, Ibrahim?Let me guess, a name such as Ibrahim Kohl                            takes me straight to the Middle- East to some village in Kazakhstan or Pakistan, may be?

    A: Sorry, I am from Venezuela!

In the above conversation, person B uses the name of person A several times in his conversation and this in turn will help him to remember the name for longer period of time!!!


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