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Friday, December 17, 2010

Your Next Exam Has An Ace For You

6 of 9 students tend to forget things at the exam hall. The extent to which they tend to forget things ranges from 20%-65% of what is asked in exam. They are confident that they have gone through that section of the course and yet forget to devise the answer required. Students fail even their preparation is complete and they fail every now and then. Change the way you remember things and knock yourself out of the category of those students.(Read More)

Take Your Pen, Write Down Things:
There is an epigram ‘I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I learn’, the whole of the secret lies within the epigram. Most of the exam toppers find things easy to remember for long period of time when they write. If you do not have even a bit of idea then just copy things from text books. Doing this helps you grasp the surface idea of the subject and a bit of labor make everything in your favor. Learning things by writing will not only help you remember things for longer period of time but also helps you practice to write actual exams and also improves your handwriting to a great extent.

Revise Things, Go Through Them Time And Again:
The best and the only way to know whether you have remembered things or not, is to check whether you remember them or not. Also, you need to assure yourself that you will remember them for some time longer. For this, you need to go through the subject time and again, to ensure that you have not forgotten them; and if you have forgotten them then you can re-memorize them. This process is popularly called revision. While you start scrolling the pages of your notebook for the first time at exams, the brain heads of your class would be having revision for sixth time and this is what brings them to the top. You can revise your subjects anywhere you like, at your class, in your room or even at the bathroom (I swear that is what the toppers do!)

Imagination and analysis:
I bet, it has occurred to you so many times, when you start making the game plan of your own for your favorite football or cricket team. You start to analyze every possible move of the opponent team and make one counter move for your team. If you take this work to your studies, you can improvise a counter move for yourself for every new question that comes in the exam. If you have the knowledge about a subject, take no time to further analyze it and relate it with the real life applications in all possible aspects (It is not that every theory needs to have a relation with the practical relation.). Analysis makes you master your knowledge in the topic and make you a real genius!

Food and water:
If you regularly water your flower pot, soon you will wake up with flowers in your room, very colored ones. You fed it with nutrition and it filled your room with flowers. You feed your brain, it fills you with knowledge. As already discussed in one of the early posts, foods do affect memory power. And yes, do not forget to have a regular intake of water. Water contains oxygen which refreshes your brain and makes it easier for your brain to take new things.


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