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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breathing for better memory

We all get stressed and strained from time to time even though if we do not like to admit it. The fact is, no one functions well under stress. You cannot think straight, can you? So here is the good news. Simple breathing exercises and meditation calms you down gently and helps improve your brain power.

Through mediation, your concentration will be strengthened so you can fully focus on any mental activity that you are working on. You can learn to control your mind and use it efficiently for your own goals Do this by starting with breathe techniques then move on to simple meditation. In this way you will improve your brain power over time.(Read More)

Step 1: Find a quiet place: 

Find a spot where you can sit and relax comfortably. Since you are only a beginner, you may want to find a quiet place where you can meditate without being disturbed. Basically, you just have to clear your mind for a moment and have a quiet time on your own. As you become more expert in meditation, you will notice that you can already meditate anywhere you want to.

Step 2: Check Your Breathing:
Once you are comfortable, relax and pay close attention to your breathing for a few seconds. How does it feel? Now take a few longer breaths. Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly. Repeat this five times and then relax. Your breathing will return to its habitual rate yet over time, as you practice breathing exercises, your normal rate will slow down.

Step 3: Make Yourself Comfortable:
Find a position where you can be perfectly still. Some people find that simply lying flat is best which is fine as long as you do not fall asleep! Many people of course adopt the usual crossed leg position and find it comfortable as their meditation position. Either of these or anything in between is fine as long as you can be perfectly still and comfortable and not asleep


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