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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amazing Brain Facts II

Albert Einsteins brain weighed 1,230 grams (2.71 lbs), significantly less then the human average of 1,300g to 1,400g (3 lbs) contrary to popular belief. Here are other interesting facts about our brain in this second addition to previous facts:

The cerebellum contains half of all the neurons in the brain but comprises only 10% of the brain.

70,000 is the number of thoughts that it is estimated the human brain produces on an average day.

The brain itself is incapable of feeling pain due to lack of pain receptors. Once the skull is opened it is possible to operate on the brain with the patient awake.

After age 30, the brain shrinks a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in mass each year.

Our Brain consists of 60% White matter and 40% Grey matter. White Matter is the supporting matter and Grey Matter is the thinking matter of the brain. If the brain was a computer the grey matter would be the computer itself and the white matter its cables.

Of that oxygen consumed, 6% will be used by the brain's white matter and 94% by the grey matter.

15-20% of all blood pumped out of the heart goes directly to the brain.

Each time we blink, our brain kicks in and keeps things illuminated so the whole world doesn’t go dark each time we blink (about 20,000 times a day).

All the thinking in the brain is about electricity and chemicals. The brain is more active and thinks more at night than during the day.

More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than by all the telephones in the world.

Men and Women's brain react differently to pain.

Alcohol interferes with brain processes by weakening connections between neurons.

Reading aloud and talking often to a young child promotes brain development.

The old adage of humans only using 10% of their brain is not true. Every part of the brain has a known function.


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