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Friday, October 15, 2010

Rehearsal II

Repeating things time and again creates a definite pattern to the things when they get encoded into the memory. Many of us remember the childhood rhymes. Whatever age we may gain or wherever we may go, if a musical tune of one of our childhood rhymes is played, its words automatically come through. These words are never even looked once we reach to higher grades of the school yet they come out as though they were learnt a few moments ago.
When the things that are encoded into the memory through rehearsal re tried to access, they come out in the exact pattern we learnt. As previously said, repeating things again and again helps us to set things into our memory for longer period of time.
The act of rehearsal should be a part of our daily life, if we wish to lead a better and more efficient life. You can recall the derivations in your physics book while you are watching TV of helping your mom in the kitchen. You can mentally solve (or at least think about ) a mathematical problem when you are bathing so that you can remember the process. This may sound ‘geek’ to you but researches conducted by different groups of people have concluded the same thing, this method really works!!!(Click The Topic To Read More)

The methods of rehearsal adopted around the world are:
Verbal Rehearsal:
It is the process of repeating the things that need to be remembered time and again aloud or silently.
Visual Rehearsal:
It is the process of looking at the material to be remembered again and again.
Acoustic Rehearsal:
It is the process of listening at the material to be remembered again and again.
Motor Rehearsal:
This is the most effective method of rehearsal developed so far. It is the process of writing information to be remembered again and again.
People all over the world use different time schedules of rehearsal. You can develop a rehearsal schedule for yourself as per your study time. I have presented a widely used and highly effective rehearsal schedule. I call it the 24 Rule.
  • First go through the material you need to remember thoroughly.
  • Re-read it within next 24 seconds. (It doesn’t need to be exact 24 seconds, but make the act of re-reading in less than 60 seconds.)
  • Re-read it after 24 minutes. By this time you will find out that bits of the material are set into your memory. Give a break of 60 seconds and go through the material again.
  • Try to remember what you read within next 24 hours and go through the material once again after you finished trying to remember the material.
  • If you wish to remember the thing for longer period of time, revise it after 24 days. After that you should regularly manage time to go through it for first few months. Then after you will be shocked to find out that you have made it!!
Even after this, if you fail to make a satisfactory outcome, I suggest to go through the process from the beginning. At initial stages, you might find a bit problem with the 24 rule, but trust me, it really works!!!


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