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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pills could make you another Einstein!

If there is anything ‘no-miraculous’ that is found nowhere in the world then it is definitely available in the research facilities of the United States. US scientists have invented a pill that can boost human memory power. The drug named CX717 is claimed to make learning and recall process easy by boosting the brain chemical glutamate. This drug belongs to a family of compounds called apakines.
A preliminary test performed on 16 sleep-deprived human subjects showed that  it improved wakefulness and mental ability. The head of the research team, Dr Gray Lynch from the University of
California told New Scientist it could be used to treat jet lad and disease like Alzheimer’s. The makers have declared that the pill could be taken by healthy people as a pick-me-up. They have confirmed that the drug has no significant side-effect and because it was not a physical stimulant, the users would be able to sleep.


Neha Adhikari said...

I need that drug! CX717 .. :D

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