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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crash your computer using Flash and Google

Follow the steps below to crash your computer!
1.       Open up a new flash document.
2.       Open up the Actions panel for the stage of the first frame.
3.       If it’s in Actionscript 2, write the following:
onEnterFrame = function ()
      getURL(“”, “_blank”);

Getting all songs at once!

Go to the Google search box and type the following and hit enter:
“?intitle:index.of?mp3 linkin park“
The first search result will lead you to the page that contains all the musical tracks of Linkin Park. Now you could download any of its songs! For any other artist you could just replace the words ‘Linkin Park’ by the name you would like! If you feel like searching for some pdf files, replace ‘mp3’ by pdf and fill in your criteria in place of ‘Linkin Park’ and that should get you all the pdf’s you require.
Go ahead and try some of these:
“?intitle:index.of?pdf harry potter“
“?intitle:index.of?doc computer“
“?intitle:index.of?mp3 the scorpions“

Monday, August 29, 2011

'Go Online" than Bookmarks

Just signed up to mystickies! It us pretty cool stuff actually. Thanks to Derek Andriesian and Jacob Wright. Now I could say ‘Goodbye’ to bookmarks. The thing that is cool about it is you can have all your notes retrieved, without the slightest modification, when you come back to your site later! I have stumbled upon something far better than just saving you pages.

The smallest fridge ever!

 Remember making a USB charger all by yourself, joining the two power supply chords of an ordinary USB data cable with that of a Cell phone charger! That might have been fun, ain’t it?
Now think of something big! A fridge may be! A fridge that you could buy in as low as $5 and could easily carry in your pocket! Get your beer chilled using you laptop and not to worry about the electricity bill! That

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hack passwords from any webpage!

Online services are accompanied by passwords. You get involved into as many of them, the more passwords you will have and the more chances that you forget them. Or you may even lie to hack you friend’s passwords. You could challenge your friend to recover his passwords as well! Most sites have password recovery system that uses your e-mail address. What if that account of yours is hacked? These days, internet browsers prompt to save your user name and password.

Carry your laptop in pieces

 If you happen to survive the judgment day 20.12.2012 then the proceeding year might bring you pretty cool stuffs. Take for example, imagine if you could carry you laptop as a cosmetic box, all the things you require are kept in pieces. This design of laptop is called Split Lifebook and is designed by Jung Dae Hoon. This design of laptop is expected to overcome the drawbacks of present day laptops. You shall then have freedom to design your laptop case as per you like to give it the most fascinating appearence you can.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Changing the blogs contents

Hey everyone, thanks for being with me this long. I have been woring for some time and have thought aboout giving a change to the contents of my blog! I hope you will stay with me in this! Change of contents shall also mean some changes in blog sturcture and even the blog URL. My next post shall be incorporating the techincal field. I have been putting some time digging into some really technical things and have been fascinated with them. The contents from now on shall be all from technology and gadgets! See you in the next post!

Friday, August 19, 2011

You see, you remember!

Imagine if you could look at something once and remember it forever. Do you believe something like that is actually possible? To your surprise, yes it is! A group of scientists has isolated a protein that mega-boosts your ability to remember what you see.

A group of Spanish researchers was studying a poorly-understood region of the visual cortex.In a preliminary research done upon mice, they found that if they boosted production of a protein known as RGS-14, it dramatically affected the animals' ability to remember objects they had seen. Mice with the RGS-14 boost could remember objects they had seen for up to two months, which is greater than the memory of an average mouse.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seasons make you look more beautiful!

Humans exhibit seasonal variation in hormone levels, behavior, and perception. A recent research showed that men's judgement of women's attractiveness change seasonally. In simpler words, you could feel a beautiful woman not attractive at all if you were asked off season! In five seasons (from winter 2004 to winter 2005) 114 heterosexual men were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of the same stimuli: photos of a female with three different waist-to-hip ratios; photos of female breasts, and photos of average-looking faces of young women.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pills could make you another Einstein!

If there is anything ‘no-miraculous’ that is found nowhere in the world then it is definitely available in the research facilities of the United States. US scientists have invented a pill that can boost human memory power. The drug named CX717 is claimed to make learning and recall process easy by boosting the brain chemical glutamate. This drug belongs to a family of compounds called apakines.
A preliminary test performed on 16 sleep-deprived human subjects showed that  it improved wakefulness and mental ability. The head of the research team, Dr Gray Lynch from the University of

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Burning Streets of England!

The students in the United Kingdom are on the streets, hand and voices raised high. The time at which they should be books or some kind of research is simply spent for a protest. The government is stubborn with its decision to triple the University fees. Prime Minister James Cameroon has dispatched a huge team of 16,000 police against the riot. Everything is either broken, smashed or burnt. There is a widespread violence and looting across the streets of London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol.
 Luckily no one has managed to die but the latest reports say 26 police-men have been injured and the number is sure to increase, with some definite number of deaths. More buildings will burn down, more property will be lost. If some miracle does not happen in next 24 hours, the world will witness one of the worst moments in the history of Human civilization. Criminals are being born out of students, frustration  is dominating the crown. The crowd behavior is to become more violent.
It is certain that no good results shall come. The streets of Great Britain are screaming upon mankind and shouting to show us the small hearts that we have, hidden behind the enormous bodies of flesh!
Oh god, let peace be upon us!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease

v  If you forget what you recently learned and if this happens to you time and again then you might be having one of the preliminary symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
v  If you have difficulty in developing and following a plan or have problem in working with numbers, this may not be just because you are weak in mathematics, it might be a secret symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.
v  People with Alzheimer’s diseases often find it difficult to do their daily tasks as well.
v  People with Alzheimer’s easily lose track of date and time.
v  If you have a problem understanding visual images and spatial relationships, that could be Alzheimer’s.
v  If you misplace things more often and fail to retrace them in the similar statistics, that too could be Alzheimer’s.
v  People with Alzheimer’s have trouble following or joining a conversation.
v  People with Alzheimer’s have difficulties with fast judgment and decisions.
v  A person with Alzheimer’s may start to isolate himself from social involvement.
v  The mood  and personalities of people with Alzheimer’s can change.

What's your sex?

Would you believe if I said you could remember things faster just because you are a boy or a girl! To make it simple, how much do you believe that even you being a boy or a girl determine what things are you capable of remembering? Numerous experiments have been performed on the basis of various theories to determine what effects gender has on one’s ability to remember things.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Left handed ones are the ones!

Statistics show left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, have as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents.(Read More)